Simple 3D-Printed Bite Bar

Simple 3D-Printed Bite Bar

A 3D printable (customizable) bite bar for mouse and rat surgeries.

Two of the most commonly used animal models in behavioral neuroscience are the mouse and rat, in part because the surgeries needed for viral injections, attaching head-fixing apparatuses, or implanting neural recording tetrodes are comparatively easier and more diverse in applications than other animal models at this time. However, due to their small size, this often requires similarly small (and often more fragile) surgery equipment to handle injections and attach devices to the head. One such small and often fragile surgery tool is the “bite bar”, where the mouse/rat’s front teeth are set into a small hole to keep the head from moving forward or backward, and most importantly, keep their nose within the anesthesia cone.

For such an important part of a mouse/rat surgery rig, it is surprising how brittle the bite bar can be; and even more problematic, not only are most commercial bite bars expensive, but often you have to purchase a complete nose-cone apparatus just to get the bite bar you actually needed, thus making it even more expensive to replace! But not anymore: With our new 3D-printed bite bars, you can easily replace your damaged or broken bite bars with low-cost replacements that you can even make yourself with the right 3D printer.

Also, see the Anesthesia Surgery System for a more complex and complete setup.

Types of Available Bite Bars

Below, you will find the 3D files for printing bite bars for either mice or rats, depending on your needed type. Each bite bar includes the hole for setting the front teeth in, and a bored hole where the nose will rest, which opens to the back of the bar to allow anesthesia tubing to be fitted onto the bite bar. These fit into 4 mm inner diameter tubes, such as McMaster 8585K819 or 6015N16.

You can create an airtight seal by either using a low-adhesive caulk to allow for easy removal and replacement, or a more permanent solution like J-B Weld 8265 (only $5 on Amazon) to ensure no leakage of anesthesia.

BiteBar/BiteBar_IntroPic.png BiteBar/MouseBiteBar.png


Here are the files (click on an .stl to view the part in your browser). These should be 3D Printed in a high resolution, high strength material, such as the Formlabs Rigid 4000. Don’t have an SLA printer? Support the ONE Core and order though us!!!! Or use an inexpensive outside 3D printing shop. Rosenberg Industries is aware of ONE Core projects and requirements, and has a proven track record with ONE Core projects.

Name File Type Design/Description
MouseBiteBar.stl .stl Mouse Bite Bar
MouseBiteBar.ipt .ipt Mouse Bite Bar
RatBiteBar.stl .stl Rat Bite Bar
RatBiteBar.ipt .ipt Rat Bite Bar

ONE Core Acknowledgement

Please acknowledge the ONE Core facility in your publications. An appropriate wording would be:

“The Optogenetics and Neural Engineering (ONE) Core at the University of Colorado School of Medicine provided engineering support for this research. The ONE Core is part of the NeuroTechnology Center, funded in part by the School of Medicine and by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke of the National Institutes of Health under award number P30NS048154.”